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The Outsiders Fanfiction Ponyboy And RandyRandy had enough and turned to . That Cherry Valance is acting as a spy for the greasers shocks Ponyboy and Johnny, but then they learn that …. Pony recognizes Randy from the brawl in the park and mentions that he hates everything about him. Cherry Valance, a Soc, and Ponyboy …. Ponyboy (yes, that's his real name) lives with his brothers Darrel and Sodapop (yes, it "even says so on his birth certificate"). "Oh well, hey you wanna race around the track I bet I will beat you," I asked. Answered by jill d #170087 on 5/16/2017 1:52 AM Ponyboy …. " When Ponyboy comes to after almost being drowned, he notes. He finds a picture of Bob the Soc in Sodapop ’s high school yearbook. The original teenage rebel story. Pony walked out of the Shepards and Curly shook his head. Dally is my # 1 Favorite character. Pony didn't know he'd catch feelings for the t theoutsiders 1983 dally +8 more # 2 Wild As They Come - by ColbeeMoss 611 39 9 Some would say Dallas Winston is as wild as they come, and most would be right. Rips off both sneakers and throws them at the wall. Ponyboy is the youngest of the greaser gang. Darry Curtis Character Analysis. Chapter 4 In Chapter 4, a group called the Socs (Bob, Randy, and some friends) attack Ponyboy and Johnny. "Randy" Ponyboy wanted to say something. The outsiders fanfiction ponyboy sneeze. Outsiders Chapter 7 Audio - atcloud. Tell me what you think of this quiz. Ponyboy doesn't buy into Randy's comment for a second and responds that the Socs "hate the whole world. He's got these huge, great big, black eyes, that are always darting around everywhere. The mother who ignored then yelled and screamed at him. While Ponyboy Curtis is the protagonist in S. And her 13-year-old brother Eli. They try to keep to themselves, and do not want to be pitied as victims. Photos: Photos: The Making of The Outsiders. In the beginning of The Outsiders (book) who does Ponyboy wish he looked like? Bob, Randy…. Things start rolling in the film when Ponyboy, Johnny Cade (Ralph Macchio), and Dallas "Dally" Winston (Matt Dillon) get a bit too friendly with …. Everyone laughed, but they showed the body being put into an ambulance. Pony was now sitting in an interrogation room refusing to speak. In trying to see things through Bob's eyes, Ponyboy acknowledges the humanity of his former enemy, a first step to rising above the. Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Christopher Ponyboy Michael Curtis is the narrator and protagonist of the 1967 novel The Outsiders, and its 1983 film adaptation The outsiders fanfiction little sister period (An Outsiders fanfiction …. Darry walked over to the bed and shook him. Questions for the fans of The Outsiders…. He was soaked and completely motionless. It was a Friday night, so of course the. What Randy said to Ponyboy about fighting was pointless and stupid, he meant it. As soon as the blood touched the soc's tongue he let out a shudder. Hinton | Chapter 1; 37 The Outsiders. , Words: 39k Cherry's face went down and she covered her mouth in shock and Randy looked at Ponyboy to see if it was a joke but Randy …. The man is concerned that Ponyboy's grades are falling because he is normally. Essay Ponyboy Fanfiction Outsiders The This year, Rathod has upped the ante: she The Outsiders Fanfiction Ponyboy Essay has baked a five-feet tall …. Steve agreed in a husky yet amazed voice. It is told in a first-person narration style, with the narrator being a 14-year-old boy. I have to write an essay about relationship between Johnny an…. Ponyboy didn't care about those monsters anymore. That other greaser, the one that had been there that night, Two-Bit, he was there too. just then my brother ponyboy two-bits johnny and …. Dally was good at packing a punch to his enemies and in that Buck realized that he was now Dally enemy. Ponyboy is restricted to bed rest for a week after he wakes up from his concussion. The Outsiders Fanfiction Soda Hates Ponyboy. I mean, in this piece, he refers to Bob negatively. Recommended for grades: 7,8,9,10 Average rlke6488 5607 plays 2. Ponyboy thrashed in the blankets, moaning and groaning, tears streaming down his face. A Outsiders fanfic that follows Sarah Wood, Ponyboy's girlfriend, after all the crazy stuff starts A Teenagers Romance/Ponyboy Curtis Fanfiction. The Outsiders is about two weeks in the life of a 14-year-old boy. "Ponyboy this is just an abandoned lot in the middle of nowhere. At the beginning of the novel, Ponyboy…. I paced the street and pulled my fated jacket hood over my head, looking at the houses, trying to determine where Darrel’s house is. 3Christopher "Ponyboy" Michael Curtis is the narrator and protagonist of the 1967 novel The Outsiders, and its 1983 film adaptation fanfiction …. Curly Shepard is Tim Shepard's younger brother. "I" Curly got up and followed suit after Soda, trying to head in the opposite direction. He blushed slightly, but it was too dark to notice, and besides, Johnny had dark skin to begin with. longtail x fireheart fanfiction cz p01 olight pl mini Introducing the novel 1-7 Resource 1. Harry Potter Ron Weasley George Weasley Fred Weasley Draco Malfoy Cedric Diggory Sirius Black Rem Born into it - Draco Malfoy x Male Reader. She recalls the special dynamic that …. Curly is a side character and has no effect whatsoever on the main plot. Adventure Fanfiction Romance The Outsiders Funny Curtis Sister Humor Family 1960s 60s. He found Randy there talking to her. " The guys were looking at me now . Jan 21, 2016 · Get an answer for 'What are some modern songs that could represent Ponyboy from the book The Outsiders …. not to be emotional on main but fanfiction is a gift and it's so fundamentally human to tell each other stories and i am deeply grateful to . The judge, in Ponyboy's hearing from the murder of Bob, noticed that Ponyboy was sick. The soc, just to tease him, licked his blood. The setting of the book is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Randy decided he was going to talk to Ponyboy today but it made Randy nervous, the thought that he would run into Dallas Winston. Randy tells Ponyboy that he is sick of all the fighting and does not plan to go to the rumble that night. The poster will include: -Character name -Hand drawn. Ponyboy has been sinking for a long time, and lately, it seems like Tim Shepard is the only person who can reach into that abyss. Randy and Cherry was just hanging in the lunch room watching Ponyboy walk over to the lunch line grabbing his food and just like that he was gone. The soc growled and slashed Pony's face. Darry is 20, hardworking, and rarely shows his feelings. For awhile, you’ve had a crush on Ponyboy. A few months after his birthday, the dog disappeared. Ponyboy, Two-Bit and Randy Meet and Talk at the Tastee Freez. Fanfic: Tutor Ch 1, Outsiders. Adventure Romance The Outsiders Funny Curtis Sister Humor Family 1960s 60s. I enjoyed writing them, so I decided to make another one. (Ponyboy passes out a lot) the first time he passed out was from Dally hitting him too hard after he came out of the fire. About Analysis Essay Outsiders Literary The. He opened the door and there stood Cherry, Marcia, and Randy…. For instance, Steve was still the hard working mechanic but he wasn't as cruel as he was to Pony. "Oh, I know Randy," Ponyboy says easily. In the novel, Ponyboy has light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes. Eyes are prominent in this chapter, and especially Johnny's. 94“ Waste the day and spend the night. The Outsiders is a Coming of Age novel from 1967. I looked at the signs and saw Darrel’s street. The Outsiders 10 questions This is my very first quiz. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy …. Johnny, the murderer, was hiding and had taken Ponyboy …. The Outsiders: Randy's Little Sister by EllaxLolaxCade. So here he was, he knocked on the door of the Curtis. You may recognize me from a couple of reviews that I've left on ff. Fanfiction; Fantasy; Historical Fiction Get notified when The Outsiders Imagines #1 - Ponyboycurtis 30/05/2020 #1 - Theoutsiders 28/06/2020 Ponyboy and Y/N. Fanfic: One Thing Can Change Everything Ch 1, Outsiders. The Outsiders | Dallas Winston Johnny Cade Ponyboy Curtis Sodapop Curtis Darrel Curtis Two-Bit Mathews Fanfiction Realistic …. "A soc actually showing up here. At first, Ponyboy sees Randy …. Books » Outsiders Rated: M, English, Angst & Family, Ponyboy C. This The Outsiders photo might contain business suit, sign, poster, text, chalkboard, newspaper, paper, magazine, tabloid, and rag. The Outsiders the feminine boy, meets a greaser in a locker room after being tormented by some Socs like Randy. They told me he was on the run – with Johnny. Ponyboy and Johnny reach the park around 2:30 a. Summary: Randy discovers that he is failing English class. Randy Adderson/Ponyboy Curtis. The kid was like a cat, nine lives and refused to give up any of them. “You ready to go {Y/N},” he asks you. I've made one of these before, but it was imagines & preferences, but now I'm starting over, and it's only going to be preferences. just then my brother ponyboy two-bits johnny and steve came over making the socs around us tense "DANIELLE WHY ARE YOU KISSING A DIRT BAG HE A BLOODY SOC" steve shouted at me "shut up randle" i said. Kitten admitted that she used to have a crush on Randy, and Ponyboy confessed how he used to have a crush on Cherry, which made both of the Socs blush a bit, but that was the past. Darry picked Soda up and Darry kept driving in the opposite way of home causing Soda to be confused. • The Authorized Agent is a natural person or a business registered with the Secretary of State to conduct business in California. Two-Bit is avidly watching while drinking his beer, but everyone else is kinda bored. Ponyboy trailed behind Darrel who brought the middle Curtis brother to the washroom. Raising Ponyboy Chapter 1, an outsiders fanfic. The Outsiders Classic Poster by mack7000. 25 Questions - Developed by: Katie May. But she has a crush on the bad boy, Dallas Winston, and she's slowly falling for him more and more each day. Ponyboy lay limp on the side of the fountain, his back leaning against it. The antagonist of The Outsiders is a. But once the doctor learns they've come, he tells the nurse to let the two boys in. 2 of 5 - 310 votes - 12 people like it. Summary and Analysis Chapter 2. The Outsiders | Fanfiction Romance Dally Darry Ponyboy Sodapop Two Bit Steve Johnny Femreader. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Said it'd all be worth the wait INTRODUCTION Ships-Jally (Johnny x Dally) Stevepop (Steve x Sodapop) Purly (Ponyboy …. Once you get to the spot, you see him sitting on the bench. At first, Ponyboy sees Randy as a violent Soc to be avoided; he is Marcia's boyfriend, and is involved in jumping the Greasers. He is not mentioned much in the book, but it is once mentioned that Curly and Ponyboy once played chicken by pressing their lit cigarettes against each other's skin. The Outsiders is a 1983 American coming-of-age drama film directed by Francis Ford Coppola. " I had to smile at that "Mm-hm, you're the only Randy I know. They had dropped him on the ground instead of leaving him in the fountain in their haste to leave, at least. He asks Ponyboy for a new copy of Gone with the Wind. The Outsiders Chapter 11 Summary & Analysis. Outsiders Chapter 7 Audio - h2opalermo. Search: The Outsiders Fanfiction Ponyboy Crying. Apr 1, 2018 - Nancy Moran was a photographer on set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, during the filming of The Outsiders. I needa go get your brothers, we gotta get you to the hospital. what happened to johnny and ponyboy at the park. 𝙎𝙩𝙪𝙘𝙠 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙈𝙚 ⋆ 𝘿𝙖𝙡ud835 by 𝐂𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐚. The question and answers are in the Secondary Solutions, The Outsiders …. Ponyboy and Claire have been very good friends, even though she's two years older than him. "Greaser" didn't have anything. Hinton, then a sixteen-year-old girl. [Book 1] Ponyboy Curtis, the feminine boy, meets a greaser in a locker room after being tormented by some Socs like Randy. Randy Adderson, a soc, tells Ponyboy that he won't be showing up at the rumble that night because he's tired of the fighting. getting over being dumped youtube. English 10 The Outsiders Questions Chapters 1 4 Sample. The sneakers Darry bought him before the last school year. There were police and they handcuffed little old Ponyboy. The gang was upset but helpful. amazon owner operator load board. Fanfic: i wanna go to the rumbe Ch 1, Outsiders. He notices that Randy looks sincerely worried about that possibility, and thinks it's strange. 1 The Outsiders Anticipation Guide 8-9 Resource 1. The Outsiders was written by a teenager about teenagers. Pony didn't know he'd catch feelings for the t theoutsiders…. About Analysis Essay Literary Outsiders The. Chapter 10 the outsiders audio. This is the story of a nice, sweet, and tuff girl and her adventure with the Curtis Gang, she is new to town when she finds Ponyboy …. The outsiders fanfiction little sister period. Try this out and if you do good you have what it takes to be the ultimate Outsiders Champion! 1. Cherry Valance Character Analysis in The Outsiders. The Forces Of Evil | Mina Loveberry Marco Diaz Tom Lucitor Star Butterfly | Adventure Fanfiction Mystery Earth Au Alternate Universe Pony Head When …. The outsiders fanfiction ponyboy mpreg. "Don't ever come near Ponyboy ever again got it" Dally screeched at Buck and Buck just stared at Dally was looking down to see a tooth was missing from his mouth and it was bleeding. You head to the spot where you meet up with your best friend, Ponyboy. "I just wanna know if Soda is okay. johnny outsiders cade quotes favorite quotesgram ponyboy rip. it Start studying The Outsiders - Chapter 7. Darry picked Soda up and Darry kept driving in the opposite way of home …. Dally, Johnny, Steve and Two-Bit weren’t amongst the crowd. Why does Kat decide to stay away from Peeta as much as possible? He is kind and she doesn't want to pity him when the Games begin. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. One of the most romantic scenes and music ever. Randy emerges from the car and walks over. As Randy and Ponyboy sit in the Mustang, Randy asks Ponyboy why he helped the kids in the burning church. For his English assignment, Ponyboy wrote the theme, or story, The Outsiders. He's My Golden Boy: The Outsiders Fanfic (Randy Adderson X OC). If you absolutely love The Outsiders (like me!), then you should be able to do this test. This story deals with issues that are very close to the hearts of teens, whether in the 1960s when this book was written or today. "Hey, Johnny, you alive?" Johnny looked up quickly at Pony, his dark brown eyes wide with fear. Ponyboy suddenly froze, gaining the gang's attention they looked at their youngest who gave a rather innocent smile; one that they would later come to fear. Major Throwback (Completed) 14 parts. On the way, the driver comments that Ponyboy is bleeding all over the car's seat. Ponyboy and his two brothers — Darrel (Darry), who is 20, and Sodapop, who is 16 — have recently lost their parents in an automobile. Search: The Outsiders Preferences Brother. Complete I was in an utter state of euphoria. Ponyboy just kept a smile on his face and he caught Randy eye and Randy gave him some thumbs up. "Why don't you guys go away" Randy waved off the other boys. The teacher decides that he is in need of a tutor. Steve You hate when Steve gets carried away. The Socs and the Greasers were very different groups, but being a part of different groups didn't necessarily mean that the individuals didn't have things in common that without the labels, they might have been friends. After the boys' parents died, Darry passed up a college scholarship and took responsibility for raising his younger brothers. Darry greets him back, and Ponyboy hears Soda give a squeak, while realizing that the blonde is Paul Holden…. Try this out and if you do good you have what it takes to be the ultimate Outsiders …. " Suddenly, Two-Bit picks up a pop bottle, smashes the end of it off and hands it to Ponyboy, then he pulls out his switchblade. Johnny Cade laid still on one of the hard, dusty, wooden pews inside of the drafty abandoned church on top of Jay Mountain Darry comforts ponyboy fanfic Ponyboy …. Two-Bit rolled his eyes and jumped over the door. The Outsiders True False Quiz. When Johnny Cade and Ponyboy were in the park at night, a car full of drunk Socs drove by. " It is my absolute favorite book of all time. However, in The Outsiders, he never seemed to act hostile towards Bob. Hinton's The Outsiders: book summary, chapter summary and analysis, quotes, essays, and character analysis courtesy of CliffsNotes. Ponyboy came inside the room, concerned as The Outsiders (1983 ) - Cherry And Ponyboy Talking You didn't want to worry him Fanfiction Romance The Outsiders Ponyboy …. I look at Randy and glare at him slightly, "No, I'm staying with them. And who else better than Ponyboy? The two of them may be on mutual terms for now, but will they be able to handle this? What will the gang and Socs think? Randy's POV …. The outsiders fanfiction little sister period [email protected] The outsiders fanfiction little sister period. Hinton narrated the Outsiders, and this high-quality narration was equally translated to the movie (2). The Outsiders (1983) Relationship: Johnny Cade/Bob Sheldon; Characters: Johnny Cade; Bob Sheldon; Randy Adderson (Partly inspired by Heather4Ever2’s fic of Ponyboy and the Socs. The poor sixteen-year-old puppy like boy was struggling that n. From the death of Dally to Ponyboy waking up in his own home, this is the part S. No, neither Johnny nor Pony were straight. When 16-year-old Isabella Mills gets beat up by a group of Soc’s Sodapop, Ponyboy, and Darry take her home to fix her up. The outsiders fanfic darry is ticklish The outsiders fanfic darry is ticklish. intelligent slytherin harry potter fanfiction pexels camping blue valley high school ranking. As the five Soc boys approach him and Ponyboy, "his eyes were wild-looking, like the eyes of an animal in a trap. I still wonder if Randy sees Bob as a friend. A blast from a car horn alerts them that the blue Mustang is near. Never forgett the driver era spanking one shorts ( ENG) 50 parts. Just please try to stay awake, can you do …. may 6th, 2018 - the outsiders …. Randy had enough and turned to his so called friends. He opened the door and there stood Cherry, Marcia, and Randy. Ponyboy thought it'd run off down the street to where some female dogs were in heat, but the truth was a bit harder for him to take. Bronapped (an Outsiders fanfic) Part 1. Hinton loved the film and was heavily involved in production. · ~Ponyboy couple moments (Visuals) The Outsiders Imagines Fanfiction. Things were always rough on her side till met a soc that changed her life forever. I listened in absolute horror as Ponyboy told me about Johnny, already suffering so much, getting jumped by the Socs. shoreline funeral home obituaries near busan; latitude 45 floor plans; 2011 swift challenger 570 specification; varo bank direct deposit; mcculloch service …. Darry had walked into the room by then, so he just walked over to the door instead of the couch. The Outsiders: Full Book Summary. He took three Ibuprofen and started to get dressed. And Dally had to be okay for his lover. Ponyboy runs away with angry tears running down his face, and is upset for letting hem down. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. A quote quiz on who said what in The Outsiders…. Cherry felt disgusted with her group and Randy felt the exact way. Randy felt happy, he was on his way to redemption. (In this fanfic Johnny never gets the chance to stab Bob. The story was written as a novel by S. He's got dark brown (recklessly, dancing) eyes and a goofy grin that you can't help but love (which is noted by Ponyboy after getting jumped by the Socs). After a bad breakup with her popular soc boyfriend Randy…. Betty Curtis is Sodapop Curtis' twin sister, albeit younger by ten minutes. This The Outsiders photo might contain sign, poster, text, and chalkboard. " Noah rolled his eyes at his best friend but unlocked the car for him. Ralph experiences a separation from friends, as does Ponyboy in his loss of Johnny "/> ibanez rg550 used; jm flashing cement; retro yupoo; …. Strong, athletic, and intelligent, Darry has quit school. Jesse flinches, which makes him feel like a really great person. Along the way, she finds love with one of the guys while dealing with Socs, College, and jealous ex girlfriends. The Outsiders: the Main Characters Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry. "I guess it is rough all over" Ponyboy told Randy and Randy gave Pony a smile. It was a smile that said Pony just got an idea that would surely traumatize them. "Yeah still think us socs have everything" Randy nudged Ponyboy. Neither of them knew who or what they were looking for, just that they were looking not to get caught. When two poor greasers, Johnny, and Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious …. Jessica Jones moves to Tulsa, OK and has several adventures with The Outsiders gang. The Outsiders Collection Chapter 2: Cherry's Second Diary. Ponyboy tells Cherry that the Socs attacked Johnny four months earlier: the greasers found Johnny lying motionless in the park. Dallas does not want to see Johnny follow in his footsteps, while Johnny …. "; Blooper: Dallas falling out of the chair at the drive-in was an unscripted accident. Fandom: The Outsiders Pairing: Johnny/Ponyboy Genre: Romance, Angst, Drama Rating: PG-13 (overall) Disclaimer: Characters and world belong to S. Hinton; then I'll return the attitude. Note: This story is slowly being edited due to the fact that I wrote this almost a year ago and it isn't exactly well written. Three people die in The Outsiders. When Randy mentions how Johnny killed Bob, it becomes clear that Ponyboy is in denial about the events of the past weeks. QuotesGram outsiders dallas quotes winston dally randy movie jail cherry cool man johnny quotesgram timing again favorite source The Outsiders Imagines, The Outsiders Fanfiction www. power outages near glenorchy tas; musicians institute jobs; what does cherry valance want to control. I smiled at Randy and looked out the window, it was getting late. The Outsiders Released: 1983 Director: Francis Ford Coppola IMDb Rating: 7. A nightmare had plagued him yet again, but that night it had been particularly bad. Johnny and Pony go on a wild ride, between finding their love for each other and fighting off everyone who is standing in their way of their happily ever after, the two greasers find themselves closer than ever. Three people die in The Outsiders…. Cherry Valance Character Analysis. Soda later runs off, saying he hates being in the middle, and it makes him feel more worse because she left him, and he loved her so much. Ponyboy explains to Randy that he is worried that the judge might send him and Soda to a boys' home. She's a bit lower than the middle class, but she is still accepted by Ponyboy's gang. The Outsiders Fanfiction Ponyboy And Dally Feb 3, 2016 - See a recent post on Tumblr from @welcome-to-americanawritings about dally. Darry blinked hard, thankful, then went back to breathing in Ponyboy…. I was surprised to find all three at the door at the same time, I had expected them to come separately. · Search: The Outsiders Fanfiction Ponyboy Attacked. -Randy dropped out of the rumble because he was tired of fighting. Stay Gold — Outsiders recast. Two-Bit and Marcia are continuing to get along, and as they walk Ponyboy …. Ponyboy sets Randy straight: the gang and gang label had nothing to do with it. " I said as the guys whistled and gave Ponyboy …. i might turn this into actual full length fic sometime; Fluff; No Smut; Johnny Cade Lives; Summary. Randy approaches Pony and Two-Bit in the shop and asks to speak with Ponyboy. driving down the street, I hear Johnny make an odd sound, but I have my sights set on the Mustang. 19 Stories When the soc Bob and Randy got drunk and picked a fight with Jhonny And Ponyboyeverything ended badlyand now Sodapop and Ponyboy …. Ponyboy wanted to talk to Cherry and Randy. Things might be rough all over, but the individual person chooses to right or wrong. Outsiders fanfiction ponyboy and dally dating. "That's all we get Ponyboy, I thought we could be decent and then you turned cold and harsh" Randy scolded Ponyboy and Ponyboy slid down a set of lockers. About The Fanfiction Ponyboy Attacked Outsiders. The Outsiders study guide contains a biography of author S. Tutor Chapter 1: Prologue, an outsiders fanfic. After Ponyboy and Claire witness Johnny killing Bob the Soc, they run out of town, hoping they won't get c Show more featured Stay Gold 3 days ago Rosemary. - Updated on: 2008-07-15 - 88,940 taken - User Rating: 4. And you would watch the sunsets together as well as read and trade books with each other for the other to read. Randy and his mom didn't really have anything to say. Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence. Ponyboy had affected everyone's life and now he was gone. The oldest of the three brothers is Darry, he watches over his two younger brothers as Ponyboy from outsiders. Ponyboy learns valuable lessons about family, unity, friendship, goodness, and is affiliated to a group when a Greaser kills a Soc. Dallas "Dally" Winston was a greaser, the tritagonist of The Outsiders, and a member of The Gang. Donna has always been an outsider. Outsiders: Created by Peter Mattei. 25 The Outsiders quizzes and 260 The Outsiders trivia questions. About the father that beat him. Posted canyon club membership cost. shoreline funeral home obituaries near busan; latitude 45 floor plans; 2011 swift challenger 570 specification; varo bank direct deposit; mcculloch service center near me. Preferences Outsiders Brother The. He closed his legs together tighter, trying to make it unnoticeable. This is the first part of a new fanfic i'm writing about Randy kidnapping Sodapop and trying to kill him because Johnny and Ponyboy killed Bob. Ponyboy and Two-Bit go down to the Tasty Freeze to buy sodas. Being the Curtis Brother's Older Sister (headcanon) -You left your job as an elementary school teacher in Kansas in order to help Darry look after your 2 younger brothers. Main Characters: Darry, Soda, Two-Bit, Steve. FanFic_Girl_26, GreasersRule and 5 others like this. The protagonist of The Outsiders is a. When Greasers Ponyboy and Johnny get into a brawl that ends in the death of a Social member, the boys are forced to go into hiding. Questions for the fans of The Outsiders. Ponyboy wonders if Bob’s parents hate him, saying he prefers their hatred to their pity. After the death of Bob he seems as if he has giving up on his wicked ways and realises that no good can come from fighting. He knew that Ponyboy wasn't like his other greaser friends. Ponyboy shares that Dallas would have "flattened" any other boy that contradicts him. Ponyboy, who hadn't even noticed the injury, looks at the blood and dully apologizes. You have come to notice he smokes when he's scared, he gets into a fight with his parents, or he's upset. Nice and easy true or false quiz. The next day was Saturday, which Ponyboy and Randy were glad about it. At his funeral that last week the whole town had shown up, not for the hero, but for the greaser. Ponyboy was now sitting in class when his name was being called. Things start rolling in the film when Ponyboy, Johnny Cade (Ralph Macchio), and Dallas "Dally" Winston (Matt Dillon) get a bit too friendly with a couple of Soc girls at the drive-in theater. "Yeah I know" Randy replied to Ponyboy. The Outsiders Ponyboy listens to Randy…. He works two jobs to hold the family together. A Ponyboy Sick Fanfiction!Ponyboy …. I felt as if my soul was on fire, because he w Stars// Johnnyboy [𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕝𝕖𝕥𝕖𝕕] 16 parts. It was Ponyboy’s eighteenth birthday and Randy …. Cherry is open-minded, sensitive, and courageous. The novel tells the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his struggles with right and wrong in a society in which he believes that he is an outsider. I looked at a little white house and tried to glance through the windows. Randy tells Ponyboy that he came. " Stay gold, Ponyboy, stay gold. I saw a tall, blonde man standing over two young boys. Hinton (514) The Outsiders - All Media Types (321) The Outsiders (1983) (174) The Outsiders …. When running out of the house Soda drops a letter he had written to Sandy …. The Outsiders Story Stories.